Your home should be a safe haven to relax and enjoy family time. You may babyproof the kitchen and keep a first aid kit for accidents, but there are more steps to take. The following article outlines some tips to help you maintain a healthy and safe home.

Maintain a Healthy and Safe Home by Addressing Mold

Take steps to keep your home healthy by preventing or eliminating mold. Look for signs of mold, such as an unexplained moldy smell or black spots on your walls, and have the home professionally tested if you have concerns.

Promote good air circulation and address any water leaks as soon as possible to prevent mold from developing in your home. Mold not only compromises your home’s integrity; mold spores put you and your family at risk for health concerns.

Healthy Water in Your Home

Another step to maintain a healthy and safe home is to install a water filtration system. Tap water varies depending on the area where you live. Heavy metals and bacteria might be contaminating the water you drink.

Most water that comes into your home from municipal sources contains chemicals like chlorine and fluoride. These are contaminants that you may want to avoid. Ask your local utility company for a water report and then shop for a filter that removes contaminants specific to your area’s water supply.

Test Your Home for Radon

Radon gas is a carcinogenic, naturally-occurring byproduct of uranium decay. Because radon is clear, tasteless, and odorless, you won’t know if it is affecting your home and your health without an inspection. Have your home inspected for radon in order to be confident that you and your family are safe.

Cleanliness Helps Maintain a Healthy and Safe Home

To maintain a healthy and safe home, keep it clean. Failing to remove dust exposes you to risk of respiratory issues, especially if you already suffer from allergies.

Change the air filters in your HVAC unit, vacuum and dust weekly, and wash sheets and bedding frequently. Doing so reduces the allergens in your home’s air and keeps your home healthier.

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