Now that construction on your beautiful new home is almost completed and you can see the results, you might assume that the building is in perfect condition. However, it’s still important to get a home inspection on new construction regardless of your builder’s great reputation and experience.

What You Can Learn When You Get a Home Inspection on New Construction

Assuming that a new home is in great condition because nobody has lived in it is not always justified. When a buyer orders a home inspection on an older home, it is true that many of the repair issues are related to a previous occupant’s wear and tear or poor maintenance. However, new construction homes also have flaws. When you get a home inspection on new construction, you can identify any issues before you move in.

1. Check the Work of Subcontractors

Your builder hired various subcontractors to complete different tasks throughout the construction process. Separate contractors were used for plumbing, wiring, cabinetry installation, floor installation, and more. With multiple teams of individuals working on different components of your home, mistakes are possible and they may be missed by your builder. A third-party home inspector should be hired to review the work objectively.

2. Material Defects

Some subcontractors might use lower quality materials to inflate their profit margin. Others may have unknowingly used weak or damaged materials. Because of this, it’s always wise to hire a home inspector to assess the quality and condition of the building materials.

3. Peace of Mind

Stories about people who have moved into a new home and have learned too late about a serious issue are common. Even if your home looks amazing, you may find out later about an expensive repair. You may even sign the closing papers and move in with lingering questions about the home’s actual condition. Schedule a home inspection on new construction so you can have peace of mind and enjoy living in your new home from day one.

4. A Builder’s Warranty

If you have already signed the closing papers, rest assured that it is not too late to benefit from a home inspection. The best time to uncover defects with a home is before you buy it. However, most brand-new homes are sold with a builder’s warranty. If a home inspection identifies issues, you can file a claim for covered items so that you are not financially responsible for them.

You expect your new construction home to be your dream home, but there are no guarantees. Now is the time to get a home inspection on new construction so you have accurate information about the property’s condition.

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