Closet Organization Makes Life Easier

Organize your closet to reduce stress, save time, and maximize the use of your closet space. An organized closet is easy to use and makes getting ready in the morning less of a chore. Here are some ideas on how to tackle a closet organization project.

1. Take Everything Out of the Closet

Removing everything from the closet serves two purposes. First, seeing the space empty helps you visualize how to improve its use. Second, decluttering before you return your possessions to the closet will free up needed space.

Don’t waste time organizing things you don’t want to keep. Donate or toss any clothing that doesn’t fit, is damaged, or has not been worn in over a year. When the closet is completely empty, take the opportunity to clean the walls, shelves, and floors before putting anything back.

2. Group Similar Items

Group like items together to determine how much room they’ll need in the closet. When you’re finished you’ll have a pile for shoes, another for pants, a third for shirts, etc. Each group is going to be a section in your organized closet. Plan the use of your closet space with this in mind. As you return your clothing to the closet, all the similar items should be kept together.

3. Store Items By How Often They Are Used

When organizing your closets, place infrequently used items on high shelves or in the back of the closet. Things you use regularly should be kept within easy reach. If there’s not a good location to store things you need most often, add a small shelf or dresser to your closet.

4. Shoe Storage Tips

The shoe storage solution you choose depends on the size of your closet and how many pairs you own. A hanging shoe organizer is useful for small closets. With walk-in closets, add a shoe cabinet or shoe rack to keep them contained.

5. Closet Organization for Purses

Organizing your closets isn’t complete until you’ve dealt with your accessories. Hang purses from shower curtain hooks on the closet rod or install a towel rack and use S-hooks to hang handbags from it. If you don’t have space to hang purses, store them in magazine racks or storage boxes on the closet shelf.

6. Hang Belts

Keep belts organized by installing a few hooks on the closet walls. If you cannot add hooks to the walls, hanging rings are an inexpensive solution for closet organization of belts, ties, and scarves.

7. Closet Organization for Hats

Shower curtain hooks on a hanger are an easy way to store baseball caps. Other kinds of hats can be stored in hat boxes on the shelf or hats can be hung from hooks if you have enough wall space.

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