Whether you are planning a weekend getaway or an extended vacation, you want to keep your home safe while you are away. Criminals commonly target homes that appear to be vacant because they are less likely to be caught. When you increase home security before leaving for vacation, you reduce the risk of becoming a victim.

What Do Criminals Look For?

Criminals look for signs of empty houses and that residents are away on vacation. Don’t leave clues that you are out-of-town. Follow these tips for increasing home security to make your home appear occupied.

1. Plan Ahead for Mail and Package Deliveries

Piles of mail are a sure sign that the home is unoccupied. Some criminals will pass through the same area for several days to stake out properties and make observations. Place a hold on mail deliveries through the postal service or ask a neighbor to collect your mail every day so that it doesn’t accumulate.

2. Increase Home Security by Automating Your Home

Smart-home technology is invaluable for home security. With the right technology, you can control features in the home remotely. This includes the garage door, interior and exterior lights, some types of door locks, the TV, and other appliances. Home automation lets you create the impression that someone is home.

3. Schedule Lawn Service to Increase Home Security

During the warmer months, schedule lawn service if you plan to be away for more than a week or two. Your grass, weeds, bushes, and other plants grow quickly in the summer. When they are overgrown, people may assume that no one is home. Hire a professional lawn service or a neighbor to tackle yard chores while you’re away and increase home security.

4. Install Security Cameras

Install external security cameras around your house, especially near the front and back door. If you have extra time and money, install them on the sides of the home and by the garage door. Monitor your cameras remotely via your smartphone. Even if they are not monitored, criminals often can’t tell the difference and will be deterred by their presence. Having access to the footage while on vacation gives you peace of mind.

Increasing home security before leaving on vacation is a great idea. Some of these efforts will discourage criminal activity even after your return.

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